Maintainer's Terminal MT01 for Trackside Radio Control Unit (TRCU)


The TRCU Maintainer’s Terminal is intended to assist in the commissioning, site-testing and fault-finding of the installed TRCU, its component subsystems and attached equipment which is controlled or monitored by the TRCU.

The TRCU maintainer’s terminal or ‘MT’ is used for commissioning, testing and fault finding the Trackside Radio Control Unit (TRCU) system. It is based on a Panasonic CF-28 ruggedised industrial laptop computer with a touch screen and interfaces to the TRCU by means of a plug connector and serial interface cable.

The MT has six primary operating modes: Off-Line, Standby, Normal, Test, Configuration and Upload.

  • Off-Line mode
    – where the MT is not in communication with Trackside Radio Control Module (TRCM)
  • Standby mode
    – where the MT is receiving messages from a TRCM but is not replying to them
  • Normal mode
    – where the MT can display the content of TRCM I/O telegrams on the TRCU I/O data links, shows current and recent events and downloads the event log
  • Test mode
    – which allows the maintainer to issue tokens and force the TRCM into specific states. It can simulate the reception of RETB message transmissions which can be used to exercise the I/O
  • Configuration mode
    – which allows the maintainer to download an event log from a non-operational TRCM or to switch move into Upload Mode to modify its Site Configuration Information (SCI)
  • Upload mode
    – in which site configuration information is loaded into the TRCM.

These modes are easily distinguished by the use of different banner colours at the top of the MT screen displays (as well as differences in the information displayed).

The MT provides a wide range of facilities for monitoring and controlling the TRCU but only a limited selection of these are required for first line maintenance and faulting (FLMF). This user guide describes the operation of the MT in more detail. It assumes that you already have an understanding of the purpose, function and operation of the TRCU.

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