Trackside Radio Control Module (TRCM)


The TRCM 01 forms part of the Trackside Radio Control Unit (TRCU), which interfaces TPWS with RETB signalled areas.

The TRCM 01 ‘listens’ to the RETB radio traffic, using up to 2 radio receivers (for availability), in order to detect tokens transmitted for the particular sections that the TPWS equipment is protecting. Once an appropriate token has been detected, the TRCU will suppress the TPWS trackside equipment for a pre-determined time period to permit the train to pass over the train stop without being unnecessarily tripped. Where the TPWS equipment must be switched on or off by the passage of a train, treadles will be used to detect train movements. Where additional inputs are required, route plungers or ground frame detection may be used.

All TRCU inputs and outputs are controlled by the TRCM, via SSI Signal Modules.

The TRCM 01 has a non-volatile event log, which can store in excess of 7 days’ events; the time for this is provided by an external GPS receiver.

Related equipment

  • Location Identity Device type LID 01
  • LID Programmer type LIDP 01
  • Maintainer’s Terminal type MT 01
  • Trimble Acutime 2000 GPS Smart Antenna
  • Skymast Antenna type S.3Y
  • Alstom Mk 3 SSI Signal Module
  • Dorman LSI type LSI/BB/1/N/900
  • Dorman LSI type LSI/BB/1/N/400
  • TPWS
  • Treadles (standard)
  • Plungers (standard)


The TRCM 01 module is designed to meet the requirements of
BR 967 Category D.

Electrical connections

  • Antenna connections are made via 2 N-type connectors on the front of the TRCM 01
  • The Maintainer’s Terminal is connected via a MIL-C-26482 6-way socket on the front of the TRCM 01
  • The Location Identity Device (LID) connects to a 50-way CANNON Trident socket on the front of the TRCM 01
  • All other connections are made via a 75-way CANNON Trident plug on the front of the TRCM 01


The TRCM 01 is configured to be site-specific using Site Configuration Information (SCI) text files; these are uploaded to the TRCM using the Maintainer’s Terminal. An accompanying LID 01 must also be programmed with site ID and SCI version information.


The Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the TRCM 01, calculated using MIL-HDBK-217, is 7.4 years.

Dimensions: H 365, W 415, D 310 (mm)
Module weight: 10 kg

PSL Part No Description PA Cert No PADS
TRCM 01 TRCM PA05/01610 062/015138; 062/015135

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