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Park Signalling designs, manufactures and supplies a range of products for railway signalling and provides a custom design service for any test or maintenance equipment. Products comprise hardware, software or a combination.

We have a comprehensive range of products that have been designed to address particular user needs in the areas of: Control, Maintenance, Monitoring, Protection, Safety, Simulation, System and Testing.

Control Products Application More Information
Complex Signal Encoder ATP
GW ATP Data Tools ATP GW ATP Data Tools
Intelligent Interface Module (IIM) RETB
User Interface Processor (UIP) RETB
Touch Monitor RETB
UIP Site Data Storage RETB
Location Identity Device (LID) RETB/TRC
LID Programmer TRC
SCI Application Tool TRC
TRCM Trackside Radio Control Module TRC TRCM
Maintainer's Terminal TRC MT01
Maintenance Products Application More Information
SSI Technician's Terminal (replacement for OEM product) SSI MT02, MT03
SSI 50 & 75 way breakout pcb SSI SSI Breakout Boards/Connectors
Monitoring Products Application More Information
Mini Liquid Sensor General
Wet Sensor General
Dry Sensor General
Leak Detector System General
Alarm Panel General
Sensor Interface Module General
SLA - SSI Link Analyser System SSI Link Analyser
SLA Master Module SSI
SLA Optical Fibre SSI
SLA Test Point Adaptor SSI
SLA Trigger Module SSI
SLA Laptop PC Software SSI
Memory Module Tester SSI Memory Module Tester
Missing Telegrams System (REMITdetect) SSI REMITdetect
Data Link Services
Remote Indication System for LDT status (RISSldt) SSI RISSldt
Remote Monitoring of SSI Data Links (REMOSdl) SSI REMOSdl
Data Link Services
Yodalarm Monitor - UWC monitoring Track Safety
GSM Modem for remote monitoring Track Equ
Protection Products Application More Information
Transmission Distribution Assembly (TDA) - impedance matching ATP RDA & TDA ATP
Resistor Distribution Assembly (RDA) - impedance matching ATP RDA & TDA ATP
Line Isolating Transformer (ATPLIT) for CLS ATP
Line Isolating Transformer (ATPLIT) for PLJI ATP
ATP Surge Arrestor ATP Surge Arrestor
Long Distance Terminal (LDT) Filter SSI LDTF
Isolating Surge Protection Unit (ISPU-E) SSI ISPU
High Performance Data Link Isolating Transformer (DLIT) SSI Data Link Isolating Transformer
DLIT Enclosure SSI
Optical Data Link Module (ODLM) SSI Optical Data Link Module
Safety Products Application More Information
Optonator (Fibre Optic Train Detector) Track Optonator ppsx *
Optonator Info Sheet
TCOD Track Circuits
Tecwire Protowire Concentrator Unit (Tunnel Protection Sys) Track
Tecwire Tone Operated Module Tunnel
Tecwire Common Services Module Tunnel
User Worked Crossings (UWC) Track/SSI SSI UWC ppsx *
Remote Disconnect Device (RDD) Track Remote Disconnection
Signal Controlled Warning System (SCWS) Track Signal Controlled Warning
Simulation Products Application More Information
HW 2000 Points Simulator Track Equ Points Simulator
STYLE 63 Points Simulator Track Equ Style 63 points simulator
Clamp Lock Points Simulator Track Equ Clamplock Simulator
AWS Simulator Track Equ AWS simulator
Signal Simulator Track Equ Signal simulator
Signal Simulator External Load Box Track Equ
Simulator Battery Charger Track Equ
“Off-line” Simulating Interlocking Output SSI Offline Simulating Interlocking
Reply Telegram Generator SSI Reply Telegram Generator
Dummy Data Link SSI
System Products Application More Information
Digital Block Controller System DiBloC
DiBloc demo video
Virtual Lineside Signalling (VLS) System VLS description
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) System
Radio Electronic Token Block (RETB) System RETB
Verbal Exchange Radio Block System (VERB) System VERB
Verbal Exchange Radio Block System 200 (VERB200) System VERB demo ppsx*
Testing Products Application More Information
ATP Ground Tester Charger ATP
SSI Link Simulator SSI
Trackside Functional Module Input Tester (TFMIT) SSI TFMIT
TFMIT Power Adaptor SSI
Radio Interface Module (RIM) Tester RETB
Coarse Reed (track circuit) Tuning Rig Track Equ
SSI Function Generator (SFG) - command telegram generator SSI SSI Function Generator
Pin brazing track circuits products
Track Circuits
Pin brazing system – ECONECT
(NR PA and products)
Track Circuits Safetrack Pinbrazing Process Certificate

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