PSL Services

Park Signalling offers design and development, application engineering, prototype manufacture, repair and consultancy at any stage in the lifecycle of a system or product.

Due to our unique know-how, we are often called upon to tackle signalling engineering tasks when others are unable or decline.

Equipment Services

  • Test
  • Repair
  • Hire
  • Calibration
  • Independent Assessment
  • Reliability Improvement

Equipment Services

Our large and comprehensively equipped integrated workshop / laboratory offers:

  • New product design
  • Dedicated test rigs for all SSI equipment
  • In-house designed test units for SSI MPMs and PPMs providing greater functionality than OEM equivalents
  • Ability to read and import SSI non-volatile RAM content following failure
  • Addressing of root cause failure issues
  • Prototype equipment manufacturing
  • Re-engineering and reverse-engineering
  • Sourcing of obsolete components
  • Replication of obsolete equipment


  • New equipment build / manufacture
  • Repair and testing
  • Calibration and certification
  • Independent assessment
  • Reliability improvements
  • Hiring of test equipment

Engineered and
Consultancy Services

  • Hardware and Software
  • Design & Development
  • Application Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • New Products
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Installation &
    Commissioning (track)
  • Failsafe Technology
  • Documentation Management
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Problem Solving
  • System Modelling
  • Verification & Validation
  • Safety Assessment
  • Training
  • Technical Surveys
  • Environmental / EMC Testing

Engineered and Consultancy Services

Park Signalling undertakes tasks of all sizes, large and small.

Re-engineering of obsolete printed circuit boards.

A selection of recent examples demonstrates the breadth of our services:

Provision of Temporary Interlockings for Manchester Metrolink


As part of an extensive network extension programme and signalling system upgrade for Metrolink, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) urgently required a temporary method of controlling junctions.

Service Provided:

Park Signalling were contracted to provide 3 temporary signalling interlockings to control Trafford Bar, Irk Junction and the single line at Dean Lane. Although the interlocking function was implemented using conventional relays the PSL design was novel in so far as that treadles were used for tram detection and the existing Vehicle Recognition System (VRS) was used to call the signalled routes from the tram. Treadle and conflict management was implemented using Siemens S7 PLCs. The system was designed, manufactured and deployed within 6 months from contract award. It has proved very successful and has been in service for over 2 years.

An investigation into the EMC susceptibility of
Reed Track Circuits used on MetrôRio


MetrôRio required an evaluation on the suitability of their track circuit equipment operating with modern inverter controlled traction motor packages and possible mitigations.

Service Provided:

Park Signalling were contracted to carry out a study that identified several areas where there is uncertainty over exactly what is installed in Rio and the way in which the equipment has been applied. The report made 6 recommendations to improve the performance of the system.

An investigation into the unreliability of the LARA
SSI Interlocking in Australia.


To ascertain causes for the failure of the 3rd Multi Processor Module (MPM) to synchronise with an already working 2-out-of-2 SSI system for United Group in Australia.

Service Provided:

Park Signalling were contracted to carry out a study which found that the failure occurs because of an inconsistency in the clock rates of the Internal Communications Processors of those modules supplied for investigation.


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