Asset Management

  • Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Simulation
  • Safety
  • Obsolescence


  • Automatic Train
    Protection (ATP)
  • GSM-R/Radio
  • Radio Electronic
    Token Block (RETB)
  • Radio Frequency
    Identification (RFID)
  • Solid State Interlocking (SSI)
  • Train Protection Warning System (TPWS)
  • Trackside Radio Control (TRC)
  • Verbal Exchange
    Radio Block (VERB)
  • Virtual Lineside Signalling (VLS)

PSL Systems

As a signalling consultancy we are unique in respect of the product knowledge that we hold. This know-how is current, relevant and easily transferable to all types of fail-safe systems and products. We have demonstrable, extensive experience in applying this expertise, to all aspects of control and asset management needs.

We support electronic and electro-mechanical “legacy” equipment and our forte includes providing problem solving and performance enhancing solutions. In addition, we have designed and developed software and hardware products which enable improved reliability and availability that leads to superior system utilisation and extends the life of existing equipment.

  • Problem-solving – assess, identify and provide solutions
  • Provide own products that improve reliability, availability and utilisation
  • Address reliability, and obsolescence
  • Enable life-extension
  • Most legacy systems including:
    • SSI
    • RRI
    • RETB
    • VRS
    • others eg Reed, ZT, etc

Many of our engineers were actively involved in the design and development of Solid State Interlocking (SSI) equipment and thereby have unique knowledge plus 30 years of “hands-on” experience, both in the UK and internationally.

Due to our unique know-how, often we are called upon to tackle signalling engineering tasks when others are unable or decline.

Park Signalling undertakes large and smaller system tasks. A sample of recent examples demonstrates the breadth of our capabilities:

RETB Mid Life Upgrade


Network Rail needed to extend the life of Radio Electronic Token Block (RETB) Control Centre Equipment until 2020.

Service Provided:

In 2007 Alstom Signalling won a contract to replace the entire RETB control centre with modern hardware. Park Signalling were contracted to port the original RETB software to work with Mk2 SSI hardware, develop the Intelligent Interface Module (IIM) to improve system diagnostics and replace the bespoke keyboards with configurable modern touchscreen monitors. All RETB systems were replaced over a period of 6 months which included training both operation and maintenance staff.



UK law mandated Network Rail to install Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) equipment to lines controlled by RETB.

Service Provided:

TPWS is designed to interface to Colour Light Signals which do not exist on RETB lines. Park Signalling won a contract from Network Rail to design, develop and manufacture a suitable system which involved a technique to “eavesdrop” on RETB token transactions to suppress the appropriate TPWS equipment on the track. The project involved the design and development of the Trackside Radio Control Module (TRCM), Location Identity Device (LID), Maintainer's Terminal (MT) and a Site Configuration Tool used to configure the TRCU to respond to specific RETB Token. Following installation and commissioning, training was given to all Maintenance staff.


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